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calls engineers a set the tone for cia hopeful john brennan's confirmation hearing with obama's hand-picked man similarly spared tougher questions over drones torture and targeted executions. tens of thousands of munch on strangers' streets are made calls for the government to go after a fresh round of budget cuts sees a spike in university fees and the end of free prescription drugs for pensioners. tunisia could be stretched to the limit as the country gears up for more protests and even strikes on the jail the funeral of the opposition leader whose murder on
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the ship the new anti government sentiment. and a draft bill in the u.k. to open up private online communications to the authorities but are there are concerns it's taking national security a step too far. you're watching r t live from moscow with me to bomb let's say. the grilling all but says will do for president obama's favorite jihad the cia as he faced the senate in his confirmation hearing the session began with taunts and just before the audience was cleared out lawmakers and poked and prodded john brennan on things from torture to drones but appeared to back off when push came to shove archies ganja can now report on the questions that we're not just. what most people expected to hear was
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how does the u.s. government make decisions as to who should be on their kill list and mr brennan would certainly be the most appropriate person to ask because he is known to have been in charge of the kill list and he's known as the architect of the administration's targeted assassinations program so the question of who the drones are targeting was critical and one of the senators asked john brennan whether there should be at least some judicial oversight over those executions by drones and here's what he said none of those actions or to determine past guilt for those actions that he took the decisions that are made or to take action so that we prevent future action to protect american lives so the rationale that john brennan gave for not going to court is that the administration is not in the business of punishing individuals but it's in the business of preventing attacks and he basically says the u.s. government could execute people who are what they haven't done yet and you would
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expect a follow up questions from lawmakers as to how the administration determines the level of threat as these people constitute let's imagine an angry yemeni man who writes in his blog bag he hates america as you can see why i've died in a drone strike and he wants to take revenge is that enough to justify him being killed by a drone there are so many questions about how the administration decides to put someone on their kill list and yet there was not near enough grilling on the part of the senators to gets recidivist answers prior to the hearing a memo was released which the justice department handed over to congress and according to the memo the government can kill people overseas even without evidence that they are actively plotting against the u.s. the paper states that the u.s. would be able to kill a u.s. citizen or non-citizen overseas when asked what unquote an informed high level of social of the u.s. government determines the target is an imminent threat to them here for also suggest that such decisions would not be subject to judicial review and outlines a broad definition of what constitutes imminent slow. at the very beginning of the
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hearing as john brennan was delivering his remarks he was interrupted five times or so by protesters who stood up and express these shouted out rather their opposition to those executions senators had to take a recess for the protesters to be removed from the hearing and these protests are steered by numerous reports that drone strikes kill innocent people as well not just suspected terrorists everybody expected tough questions on drones but that did not happen john brennan got away with very broad answers like the program is saving lives and that you should take the administration's word for it. a private hearing now waits john brennan in order to i now take an ecology but given his before his at the senate school and. made in america democracy cavell says it could all set a dangerous president. this is
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a complete denial our constitutional rights under the fourteenth amendment do grants those more and equal protection of the law and here with the ministry is doing here is they're usurping the. united to the american citizens and so we can be judge jury and executioner we can show american citizens abroad without them having their court we can say they are jurors and we can go there and the danger of this is we're going to do a good ministrations is we can determine who the jurors did and that means go really were in any american citizen without any drama without any problems and that is a very dangerous precedent. jonah warfare its consequences and the morality of it all for debate and cross talk today coming up at seven thirty g.m.t. we hear how drone strikes may be breeding the very terrible they seek to destroy.
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it's quite horrific and in africa but it's getting worse i mean this is new drawn by a sniper in nigeria close to mali so that you've got the west african eye as well and so it's trucking up so that we're going to have drawn b.s. is all over africa and i'm not sure what a surprise really why are we doing this well isn't it the strategic reason she's person the most effective recruitment tool for insurgents in the world david what do you think about that drones are an improvement on torture drones are an appointment of ground war theater the arguments were being given and yet we didn't have a ground war in yemen we might need one eventually half with the damage the drone strikes are doing but that this is big we're being told that this type of murder is better then of their human rights abuses. tens of thousands of students and teachers. those have taken to the streets of
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spain on the largest day of protests so far amid calls for the resignation of the country's education minister spain's public sector is facing fresh cuts with the head to education expected to be nearly five billion euros producer and artie's are up the video agency spoke to some of the demonstrators hundreds of people are gathered here in madrid tonight complaining about cuts in education they are mostly students parents of students and teachers but the education is not their only concern they're also demanding the resignation of the government the government of money i know the whole has been accused of receiving bribes from private companies and opening bank accounts in switzerland look at other people you can see burton's saying calling spain the last vegas of the european union and also complaining about the lack of democracy that people are protesting and there is no solution to their complaints the salary of a teacher. if i have to pay
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a mortgage and everything i kind of send two kids to university i will have the money and how is privatization in the educational sector hourman education in spain well they see everything us business know that no matter what to do it ok shouldn't should be an occasion for people to make money out of it today don't see it as a public service or not you know the whole service is the same they save you get to live you have a problem you are a customer and you are you're going they're going to make money out of you it's just a rupture and they did the money and everything to their budgets we have. no provision for the public system this has become a trademark of sonny's the most ration after every march do sweeping trucks come rapidly and sweep all the streets leaving no evidence that there was a demonstration against the government. a budget battle in brussels as a fresh new summit it kicks off two of the blocks tradition. economic powerhouses
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aren't seeing eye to eye with bridge and leading calls will cut the budget as france accuses the u.k. of hypocrisy. tunisia is bracing itself for a third straight day of street battles friday seize the federal of a key opposition figure whose assassination became a catalyst for the latest wave of anti-government fury the country's trade unions have also called a general strike to protest again child murder which some pinned on this led mission leadership in the latest showdown the police used tear gas on a wall throwing stones and protesters chanting anti government slogans were trying to approach the country's interior ministry in the capital tunis r.t. its crew was also caught up in the unrest as artie's maria from now reports temperatures are still very high and tensions are still at a very dangerous the very risky level the level that is threatening and challenging the security instability in this country protests have been continuing throughout
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thursday we've seen many many people on the streets they've been many clashes between police and a position supporters and again police has been using tear gas against protesters my crew and me we've been attacked by a group of youngsters we've just because we filmed them and that tells a lot about to the situation on the ground we've been hearing about similar violence and similar disturbances so throughout the country especially in the southern part of tunisia where the headquarters of the ruling party has been vandalized the protests may go even more violent intentions may go even further because friday will be the day of the funerals of the opposition leader the country could be paralyzed and no one will be working today and nothing will be ok but use of the country paralyzed there has been attempts to ease the tensions in the country from prime minister if the idea was to form a government that will not be affiliated to any political party no possible government but the islamist party dominated to new. his governing coalition
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rejected. minister's decision we can understand the reason an internal political crisis it's definitely to be very hard for this country to overcome this crisis. georgia's parliament is edging of the president out of power following in fact down on dissent and revolution sort of human rights abuses now that's really has been prevented from of making his annual address even though he's still president all the details coming up. and image is everything even that with the red ravaging economic crisis e.u. leaders plan to spend to millions on an online propaganda blitz ended in one thing it being blocked reputation by the use of social media. the british government is trying to get its hands on private weapon information it's drawn up a documentary for a two by some as the snoopers charter which she looks to give authority has more rights just blown it citizens online is why concerns over invasion of privacy
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artists are further looks now at whether such measures occurred in hunt's national security the main area of concern surrounds this the draft communications data bill and proposals in it that critics say could see the public left wide open to having their facebook accounts or twitter e-mails read anything that they visit online the websites that they gayety logs by the government no understandably those plans have proven hugely controversial with critics labeling it the snoop is child now perhaps more concerning is the latest report by the intelligence and security committee may like to see a nationwide surveillance regime implemented now the government say that they need to do this to catch criminals and stop terrorism but the last of the members of the public saying where are safeguards when it comes to what we do online will seek new . more about this i'm now joined by professor and sneakily to the director studies
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security and intelligence studies at the university of akron thank you very much for joining us you're in support of the draft communications data bill i heard you describe yourself at a recent talkers stunk at the picnic if these fees and these proposals are so unpopular why are the government pushing them through all the time when government is pushing them through because the government realizes that they're needed some thirty million people use the internet to communicate with each other each day in the united kingdom people in this country fully accept that for more than one hundred years their posts their telephone conversations are likely to be mine if they're seen as a national security risk so it's completely absurd to think that there should be this new form of communications that should somehow be exempt from these sorts of
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measures ok ysaye so fogger thorough need need a warrant with these proposals the idea is that perhaps my information a fine members the public underling nothing will why should my e-mails the local issue my twitter account be a frontier investigation well it's important to realize that this is not a charter to mine everyone it's a charter to mine anyone against to there is intelligence of being a serious risk to our national security in one way or another and there is a chance the members of the public would still be kept retaining well what the government is asking the internet service providers to do is to retain data that at the moment they're just getting rid of so if there is a suspicion that a particular person is engaged in serious organized crime sex trafficking or terrorism the government can then institute a pro as a new. for the public what if i do all my emails for
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a well if you don't want your e-mails pro. your more engaged in any kind of illegal activity your e-mails won't be productive you want if you won't complete driver c. don't write any letters to your friends don't speak to the moment and don't send them photographs of yourself in jocularity looking very much for joining us a furtherance it is the house that is the solution maybe is the time for a big log of things hey someone is actually watching their first london. he runs a helping hand to egypt as it gives the struggling country alone despite being under several rounds of crippling economic sanctions itself more on this just ahead . also final works and aids beg tackler gala show you round up a day of celebrations and russia's black sea resort of sochi marking the one year until the most expensive winter olympics ever.
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your leaders have started a tough negotiations over the blocks next budget valid for seven years from twenty fourteen a financial wrestling comes with u.k. prime minister david cameron in one corner it in calls for major spending cuts and crisis hit countries the other artist has a zillion explains what else makes the talks so complex. we've seen some of the leaders who had arrived here already making strong statements first of all david cameron continuously saying that if the budget is not brought down to a level that he is happy with there will be no deal we've heard from countries who are saying that they may use their veto if they are not happy such as the czech republic to simplify the vickery going on right now it would be between northern and southern countries you could say the wealthier nations versus those that actually depend more on the e.u. funding and on the one hand you have countries like the u.k. germany the netherlands denmark these countries are supporting harsher cuts to the
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e.u. budget david cameron being the most radical and controversial taking this step now he has been demanding since november last year in two thousand and twelve that was the first try today is the second try and since that until now he's been demanding for cuts in brussels bureaucracy for instance but on the other side you have those countries who are dependent on these forums and one of the loudest voices on this is a lot of friends also the u.k. is coming into this summit this is the first time since david cameron announced that in or out referendum that in said that he would pose the question of whether he should remain in the twenty seven reelected in twenty fifteen of course this is a possibility of a creating even more tension in the u.k. with the cost benefit of actually being a member of the e.u. interpreted by the other members not being a team player in this regard and also as this talk is happening talking about budget cuts of the e.u. level we see the budget cuts on
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a more local ground level we've seen the protests continuing even until today people very angry at the. imposed on them on their livelihoods of their pensions are on their potential jobs well that you cannot agree upon a budget of their own. it's sad image is everything in politics and in these times of austerity the e.u. is eager to do whatever it takes to maintain a good reputation even if it means spending big two million euros have apparently been earmarked to spend on a p.r. war with online euro skeptics nigel farage from the u.k. independence party things such actions that show the bloc of no one than a banana republic they decided that they got to train in house staff in the run up to the european elections of twenty fourteen train those people to go online to look at facebook twitter and other social media sites and to correct that's their
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word not mine to correct any misapprehensions that may exist about the european union and i have to say the fact that it's a parliament that is doing this that is using taxpayers' money to do this says a lot about the institutions that all brought about parliaments is the person is it's him a chair of parliament he's the speaker in westminster he's the chairman you know the parliaments around the world but he has all the rest of the staff are supposed to be neutral they're not supposed to take any political position at all and the fact that the parliament decided it's going to spend money time and resources doing this shows you that frankly they're no better than a banana republic this is all the mcgarvie would do or someone like that so i think many people outside would be shocked by it having worked there myself for thirteen years i'm not surprised at all they are really really scared they're scared that from north to south to east to west all over the european union citizens are saying
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we've never voted for this thing to become the united states of europe we've never asked to have the majority of our laws made somewhere else and we want to do something about it so they're scared and they're fighting back. online a key document in russia's recent history disappeared as the cold declare of the soviet union to break up vanishes and better news sparking predictions that the thieves i'd make a fortune. also alien life form scientists claim that i galaxy contains billions of potentially habitable planets you can read more of that at ality dot com.
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the georgian parliament house was burning pres and said this really is the end of all andrus after his punches now minority refused to agree to a constitutional amendments removing his right to fire the government the president's party lost its grip on power in a recent parliamentary vote when our crackdown on protests and claims of human rights abuses against political prisoners arches alexy or chefs he has been hearing firsthand accounts. georgia has performed miracles we moved from being a failed state will be one of the top business destinations in the world while it would be high to be a comic freedom according to the world bank i'll be number one fighter with corruption worldwide and many people started to believe in the stations people started to believe them ocracy it was because saakashvili is georgia really a beacon of democracy and freedom not from your viewpoint when he's universities rectory refused to build a prayer room he helped organize a ten thousand strong peaceful student rally but it ended with his arrest and sentence of four and a half yes behind bars no. guards could just walk into our cell and start beating
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us for no reason the even put twenty year old students in wheelchairs and prison one of the inmates went insane because they showed him footage of how his wife was being raped. your he thought he was spending his time with murderers and drug barons and stan he taught himself among academics architects and right all jailed for having a different opinion to the country's leadership. works as an advisor to the minister of the penitentiary system and used to be classmates with saakashvili she believes the astonishing number of prisoners in georgia during his reign was to a large extent personally driven. which is what he had often been joked at in school he directed his revenge against his former classmates when he became president most of them were either stripped of their businesses are put to prison and his presidency we've had twenty five thousand people in jail. weeks before last
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year's parliamentary vote a news of a successful counterterrorism operation in eastern georgia made headlines eleven suspected militants from russia's north caucasus were killed but some said the whole thing was a hoax to discredit russia and in fact the slain men were georgians. first of all their weapons were american made second not. one of them fired off a single shot but it's not all the uniforms of the so-called fighters were brand new this was saakashvili is planned he has sent his guys across the border into russia and then had them shot by the georgian police this was a set up just to frame russia shortly after that event a shocking video of prisoner abuse in georgia jails went viral and effectively diminished the president's party support by more than a half inch lost both the election and control over the country it's not yet known where the second street will face prosecution of the prison torture allegations that for two hundred political prisoners the change of power meant the chance to
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walk free because like us really will for many remain as georgia's president until october but he's powers have already been transferred to the prime minister it's only when history has already declared a national wide amnesty of political prisoners but experts say there was socialization may take several more years it's really still try to block the amnesty with furious comments. i will not sign papers which will allow paedophiles and racists to walk free would be the fuel of which let the parliament claim responsibility for that but. artsy reporting from belief in georgia. iran has extended a helping hand to egypt offering a loan to the cash strapped country and also plans to invest more in so done all this despite the fact that to run itself is subject to sivia economic sanctions in place by the us and e.u. of its nuclear program economists and commentator can work taria told r.t. that egypt has no choice but to accept help from way it can get it. but i think
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egypt has has made it quite clear that it wants to go its own way and where it stands but the muslim brotherhood has come to the realize ation that with a country three as important as powerful as iran in the region and dead they will have to be give and take and should they decide to do such a confrontation a confrontational course with iran it would it would prove counterproductive if so egypt is in dire straits and it wouldn't require assistance from any number of muslim countries to to get back on its feet again. now let's have a look at some other international news in brief islamist fighters in mali say they're opening a new front in their battle against french supported government troops the new tactics will include guerrilla attacks and the use of land mines one of which apparently recently killed off or mali and soldiers the government however says the
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victims the worst civilians this comes as the french army prepares to leave the country by the end of the month and six u.n. peacekeepers to take over security. today is it in and a large scale rebel of souls on the syrian capital damascus appears to have stalled with a tillery and is strikes limiting the insurgent momentum loveman forces also recaptured a key town linking the capital with the city of aleppo capping a bloody two dave battle these intensified clashes come amid to demean prospects of peace talks with an apparent rebel offer to negotiate with reporters you refused by the opposition element. the u.s. aviation authority has given the go ahead for women battled aviation company boeing to run airborne tests of its dreamliner seven eighty seven plane better reason two
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of these new passenger jets failed last month with the one catching fire the whole seach has been grounded since the middle of january the stakes are high for boy who has received orders of for seven hundred of the planes costing two hundred million each. the black sea resort of sochi has marked exactly one year until the start of the next winter olympics with the rest of russia joining the celebrations the games have already become the most expensive in history archies entry form a report from fortune. but if you can see the if it spirit has what in troops on the way it's like the city sky this taping area that was a spectacular skating show but it's not the choice of going. to be the beach games but it takes not a nice time to be separate from the city they will be the first ones within a subtropical environment this is the big town caves in the finest life of the speech he's going through to be very compliant to be able to just jump in to try
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and within fifteen minutes you can be on the minds of my piano to enjoy my defense secondly most of the fees are being billed something very unusual i'm not privy to train companies gangs will play nice expensive in the street coming into some kind of a billion dollars but if you do look around you can see what money can buy the organizing committee says a soldier will be ready in twenty to. well that's all the news that i have for you this hour on next up and stay with us for the latest a special report here on out to.
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science technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got a few jerks covered. today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day.


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